Discover a Scientist & Hypnotist’s Secrets to Better, More Restful Sleep At Any Age

This “roadmap to better sleep”  gives you …

    • Sleep hacks for daytime, evening and night time
    • The skinny on why scientists believe sleep may be more important than diet and exercise for weight loss
    • The lowdown on which hormones KILL your sleep… (and which support it)
    • ​Strategies to beat the plague of insomnia
    • ​The WORST things you can do in the day to wreck your sleep (some of them will surprise you!)
    • ​How to narrow down the ONE factor in your life stopping you from getting restful sleep
    • ​Tips and tricks other people just like you are using to help them get a good night's rest
    • ​Which sleep accessories and supplements actually help sleep… and which are a waste of time and money
    • ​PLUS, how to build a bedtime routine that supports YOUR unique biology 

    Two Relaxation & Sleep Hypnosis Audio Mp3 

            • 2 Different Tried & Tested Sleep Hypnosis Recordings
            • Use for Relaxation, Reducing Stress AND Sleep 
            • Two Mp3s To Play On Any Device 
            Imagine how much better you’ll FEEL day in and day out once you’re getting RESTUL, REGULAR sleep thanks to implementing a few science-backed strategies.
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