Attention Women Over 50: Tired Of Feeling Stiff & Sore? 

  Now You Can Regain Your Ability to Bend, Sit, Twist and Move With Less Stiffness, Pain, and Soreness
Hi, my name is Dr. Sara Pugh as you have probably never heard of me

I have a degree in Biochemistry & Genetics and a PhD in Molecular Mechanisms…

… and am very experienced in human movement, bio-mechanics  and hypnosis….

But more importantly for you, I’m a Certified Pilates Instructor, Yoga Teacher and Neuro-therapist with over 11 years and 11,000+ classes under my belt. I'm an osteopath and physiotherapist approved teacher

You might say I’m obsessed with figuring out how to age well - mind, body, and soul. We all know women who look and move like somebody 10 even 15 yrs younger, it is possible and there is no reason it can't be you too. 

But  it should come as no surprise that part of aging well is moving well.

But there are several big problems with certain home workouts.... 

The Problem with Most Workout Programs

It’s not that they aren’t good quality or well made. They look amazing,  like a Hollywood movie

… it’s that they aren’t good FOR YOU.

For starters, most of them were not designed for you and  your specific needs and have fancy videos with instructors in leotards who focus on themselves looking good NOT YOUR PROBLEMS 

they also start too fast

Move way too quickly through the material...

Offer almost NO guidance on:
  • How to modify exercises after surgery or injury
  • How to modify exercises for balance issues
  • How to make an exercise harder or easier depending on how you feel
They simply DON’T HELP you regain the functional movement and strength you need right now!

Here’s Some Good News

You don’t have to try to “figure out” how to stretch and strengthen so you get real results without injury.

And you don’t have to struggle through Pilates or exercise programs that are designed for women in their 20s.


You can get the same kind of improvement my clients get working with me in person…

… in the SAFETY and PRIVACY of your home!

The Movement Solution For All Levels And Abilities 

I’ve combined my education in human bioscience and functional neurology…

With my 11yrs experience teaching Pilates and functional movement  to men and women over 50…

To produce a breakthrough, at-home movement  programme called Specialist Online Pilates.
Specialist Online Pilates is an easy-to-follow, value-packed set of TWELVE recorded Zoom Pilates  lessons  pre-tested and enjoyed by women over 50 to increase overall strength, improve flexibility, and move well. 

They’re specifically made to enhance flexibility, increase mobility, and support your balance and stability.
I will also show you how to  progressively increase the difficulty of the exercises safely so you can get further improvements. 

So you AVOID injury while GAINING strength and mobility.

And because you AREN’T using traditional equipment, you don’t have to buy anything new to work out.

It’s a win-win, especially when you see what others are saying about the program…


Sara is very knowledgable about the body and how it works. Her classes are relaxed and fun but extremely effective.
Sara is so kind, giving and generous with her time, to help anyone who needs her.


Wanted to say thank you to you for the Pilates online. Since joining 3 weeks ago I am amazed at the improved (you may remember) situation with my neck and the return of some of my balance. Doubt that I could have done it without you.


Hi Sara,
Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your classes, they are really helping me cope with the lock down and helping me to regain some flexibility and strength after my accident.

Now Moving Well Can Be As Easy As
Clicking the ‘PLAY’ Button...

Once you sign up, you’ll get a login to your Exclusive Member Portal where all the videos are neatly stored. 

If you need any help with the tech, simply reach out and if need be the videos can be specially delivered to you by email
All you have to do is find the lesson that fits your needs…

get comfortable in your living room, garage, or wherever you are comfortable exercising…

... grab the “household items” I suggest for that video (a soup can… a towel… a chair..)...

turn on music if that interests you…

And press PLAY.
From there my instructions will guide you.  

And if you experience pain or feel stuck along the way? No problem!

I offer tips for modifying the exercises to your unique situation as well as numerous ways to get in touch with me if you have questions. (Yes, really!)

Specialist Online Pilates is for you if..

  • You want to be able to walk, run, garden, decorate, play tennis, cook, go shopping, play with children or wherever you like with ease 
  • You want less stiffness in your shoulders,hips, back & neck
  • You want to improve your posture and strengthen your core
  • You’re tired of relying therapists to “loosen” you up
  • You’re hesitant about going back to the gym due to health concerns or worry
  • You’d like to challenge yourself with harder exercises when you are ready to improve your body faster
  • You'd like to improve your balance and coordination 
  • You’d like exercise to be enjoyable and relaxing… improving mental health and reducing stress
  • You don’t want to buy new exercise equipment 
  • You'd like to have access to somebody who can support, guide and motivate you when you need it
  • You'd like to have your feedback listened to in order to make the program better for you and help other ladies in the same situation 

Introducing the Program My Clients Call “An Unexpected Good Find” With “Hidden Surprises”

Twelve Specialist Online Pilates Videos (WORTH £60) 

Get TWELVE digital 55-minute videos recorded from live sessions with actual clients and with realtime “tweaks”. It’s like going to a REAL session with me - just in the comfort of your home. 
Lessons 1–3. Orientation and introduction. Basic exercises to get you moving using just a mat and weighted objects.
Lessons 4–6 Discover how balls, a towel and stretchy band or scarf can make exercises more interesting and effective

Lessons 7-9 Progress on to harder exercise using simple house hold equipment and your mat to challenge yourself and improve

Lessons 10-12. Full body exercises using several common household objects to keep you entertained and moving forwards  

Live Webinar Once Or Twice A Month With Q&A 

Join the live webinar for extra tips, advice and help on all things health, movement and Pilates related. Or submit your question and watch the reply in your own time

Private Women-Only Facebook Group  

New private Facebook  group. I go in the group everyday to answer questions and speak to every member individually. NOWHERE else online will you find this level of personal support from myself, along with motivation and accountability!

Help is just an email, Zoom or Whats app away 

If you need a more personal touch, have a specific query  then reach out to me for extra help as many times as you want

Optional FREE 15 min on-boarding Zoom class to help get you started or for specific issues 
But YOU won’t be paying ANYWHERE near that

...AND it comes with my 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

My Satisfaction Guarantee

I designed my programs to help you get in touch with your body and gain greater range of motion and flexibility. If for some reason (or any reason) you feel this isn’t for you, simply request a refund within 7 days by contacting the Help Desk.
Which means there’s no reason you shouldn’t try Specialist Online Pilates today!

Purchase Specialist Online Pilates TODAY and get FREE access to  EIGHT MORE results-enhancing videos!

>>>BONUS Pack 1 # Four Focused Classes (£20 VALUE)<<<

Special lessons for bad backs, stiff shoulders and bad posture Plus if you fancy a 'Toning Class'  work your bums, legs and tums. 

Video 1 - Sort Out Stiff Neck and Shoulders 

This class is specifically focused on helping tone your upper body, especially your neck and shoulders. 

Video 2 - Banish Bad Backs

Bad backs are complicated and can arise for a lot of reasons. In this lesson, I offer suggestions on what may help you find relief, as well as gentle exercises, techniques, and specific stretches.

Video 3 - Posture Fixer For People Who Sit A Lot

if you sit a lot or have a desk job, then this lesson is for you. No equipment is required for this one.

Video 4 - Strengthen Bottoms and Tummies

This lesson offers a reasonably fast-paced intermediate level workout with a focus on building stronger, firmer bottoms and tummies.

BONUS Pack #2 Four “NeuroPilates” & "Gentle" Classes (WORTH £20)

Looking for something restorative and gentle? 
These four classes are for those who want to explore nervous system-based training. The brain and nervous system control everything in the body and most other instructors overlook this and do not teach 'NeuroPilates'. The nervous system and brain are like muscles - they need to be trained. These classes are also suitable for those who like take their time or have pain or injuries 

BONUS #3 - Hypnosis Session on Achievement and Goal Setting
(WORTH £15 )

I want you to succeed and move well so I have something else to help you...
This special, 30-minute hypnosis session helps you get in the right mindset for your Pilates journey. Plus if you have other goals you want to achieve, this session is perfect. 


For a limited time you can get LIFETIME ACCESS to the Specialist Online Pilates programme for just...


OR RE BILLING! (I promise )

YES! I Want To Start Transforming my Body and Energy Levels with Specialist Online Pilates!

What even MORE Women are
Saying About Specialist Online Pilates


I'm really enjoy my Pilates online class in the comfort of my home. Brilliant thank you Sara for setting this up.


Great class today Sara.Too much gardening yesterday left me stiff and sore.Feel better now.


Each class offers clarity and difference, keeping you engaged. First rate class, amazing instructor


Just a short wee note to say a big Thankyou! I'm loving your lessons.Post surgery it's a case of gaining confidence as well as strengthening. You do both in buckets!!

As far as I can see it, you have three options you can take today:

You could leave this page… and HOPE that you can find a way to avoid LOSING the strength and mobility you have while things are in a state of flux. You’ll feel just as stiff - if not stiffer - a month from now. 
You could try to figure it out yourself. You could waste WEEKS (or even MONTHS!) researching what’s out there and try to “piece together” what I’ve created… and hopefully, not injure yourself in the process.
OR you can take advantage of this risk-free opportunity to join Specialist Online Pilates RIGHT NOW. HUNDREDS of women have already taken classes with me via Zoom… and I’ve taught almost 11,000 sessions over the course of the past 11 years. You’ll be backed by my 7-day guarantee, too… so if at any time you feel like it’s not for you, you can let me know. 
The choice is yours…
When you’re feeling even “maybe” about this offer, go ahead and join. You’re covered by my 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee so you have NOTHING to lose and FLEXIBILITY, STRENGTH, and MOBILITY to gain! 
YES! Give Me Specialist Online Pilates today!

About Sara Pugh

My name is Dr Sara Pugh and I am the founder and creator of the I started my career as a hardcore research scientist with a degree in Biochemistry and Genetics from the University of Leeds in the UK. I also have a doctorate in Molecular Mechanisms and I did research on Alzheimer's and the effect of statins and cholesterol on heart cells. I've played a variety of sports at a high level from a young age. 

That all ended when I couldn't stand the back ache, shoulder pain and stiffness that lab work gave me. That was how I discovered Pilates over 12yrs ago and I know what it feels like when aches and pains spoil daily life. 

I've had extensive training in movement,bio-mechanics, rehabilitation, massage, myofascial release, functional neurology and hypnosis from highly regarded coaches and trainers from over the globe.

I now share the advice, methods, and skills I have acquired on my mission to beat my own back ache. I did 'win' against my pain and stiffness, then took up gymnastics in my 40's, something I didn't think  was possible.   

I am passionate about all types of self development; brain, body, biology, mind and spirit and keen to share with you. 
 I put all I know into every programme I build so you get real results efficiently and safely. 
Join Hundreds of Women Already Gaining Flexibility


I’ve tried other exercise programmes… how will I know this will work for me and my health situation?
Obviously, the only way you can really find out is by asking your doctor. However, I can tell you that these workouts were designed for and tested by women with all kinds of health issues, and many saw results. Feel free to message me if you have questions about modifications.
What kind of technology do I need to do this?
The programme is delivered online via a member portal, so as long as you have internet and a phone, tablet, or computer, you should be able to access the videos.
What kind of equipment will I need? 
All you need is what you either have around your house or can easily get - a towel, a tennis ball, and so forth. 
I have balance issues. Can I still join the program?
YES! Many women I work with experience some form of balance worry or issue. I’ve designed the exercises to help with that. 
Can I get help if I get “stuck” at any point?
YES! My clients know they can reach me on many channels… INCLUDING the member’s only Facebook group you’ll get access to once you click “Add to Cart” in just a few minutes. So if you have questions, go ahead and write them down after you join so you ask them once you’re in! 
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