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Discover how to comfortably enhance your mobility, balance & strength at home without getting on the floor or being taught by an unqualified teacher
What Is Floor-less Online Pilates?
  • An affordable online seated and standing exercise programme (£39.99) that you can do in your own time, at your own pace and in your own home. 
  • Exercise routines that don't involve jumping around the room, rolling around on the floor or investing a fortune in fancy equipment (which often never gets used). 
  • Online video lessons that are led by a qualified instructor with over 12 years of experience.
  • Lifetime access to seated and standing exercise videos for a single one-off payment.
  • An exercise programme that has been specifically designed to strengthen your core, improve balance, posture, and mobility, and reduce stiffness and soreness.
  • Help whenever you need by email, phone, text, Facebook or Zoom
  • UK based instructor
What's Included?
•17 x easy-to-follow 30-40 minute video lessons led my me, Sara Pugh

• 4 x bonus 55-minute Neuro Pilates and gentle Pilates videos

• Optional 30-minute private Zoom call with me to help you get started or discuss any specific issues or injuries. It can be longer as we all agree a good conversation is very good for the mind brain and soul. 

• Ongoing support from me via email, Facebook or WhatsApp

• Membership to a friendly Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support

All for a one-off payment of £39.99 – no hidden costs, no renewal fees, and no ongoing subscription payments

14 day no questions asked  money back guarantee if you decide the program is not for you
Lesson Details & Samples

Lesson 1: Introduction  
Lesson 2-3: Flexibility, mobility, strength and balance exercises
Lesson 4-6: Introducing household objects into your routine (tins or weights, towel, ball)
Lesson 7: Flexibility and stretching
Lesson 8: Strength and toning
Lesson 9-10: Strength, mobility, coordination, balance and some cardio

Themed Lessons Requested By Customers
Lesson 11 Breathing, Relaxation and Pelvic Floor 
Lesson 12 Face & Foot Exercises 
Lesson 13 Gentle  Joint Mobility 
Lesson 14 Invigorating Indoor Cardio
Lesson 15 Gentle Sensory Seated Session 
Lesson 16 Just Balance
Lesson 17 Intermediate Level Seated Only Lesson
Lesson 18 Seated & Standing Using A Stretchy Exercise  Band 

Extra Lessons 
4 x Bonus Neuro Pilates & Gentle Pilates: 55-minute pre-recorded classes with brain and nervous system exercises, more seated and standing exercises and gentle Pilates which can be done on your bed or on the floor. 

Samples of Lessons 1-3

 Lessons 4-6

 Lessons 4-6 Using a weights, ball and towel

Sample Of Seated/Standing Cardio

Samples of Lesson 18 Stretchy Band

Some Customer Feedback

Karuna Panessar 
Thanks for very good sitting-standing Pilates lesson. I had very tight shoulders because of being locked up for 4 months. 

Sarah Miller 
Sara never stands still with her learning. She has helped my rehab following 3 hip operations and my recovery has improved each time 

Carol Havercroft 
I’m loving the variation of Pilates exercises that we are doing at the moment. Being able to do the movements standing up or sitting in a chair is really helpful for days when my knees, back or shoulder are particularly painful.

Is Floor-less Online Pilates Right For You ?

“Thank you, I feel re-energised again. I really must start doing this more regularly.” - Sylvia Lewis

This programme is designed for those over 55 with no upper or lower age limit who don't want to exercise on the floor because they:
Struggle getting up and down off the floor
• Are recovering from surgery or have an injury
• Feel stiffness, soreness, aches or pains in their back or joints
• Don't have space to exercise on the floor
•Don't like craning their necks to try and watch the exercises from the floor

I also offer a lot of personal contact by phone, email and zoom so was not sure how a wife would feel about her husband talking to me online, so decided to start off with women. Men are of course welcome too.  

Couples enjoy doing my programme together.

This is a gentle exercise programme with modifications for those that need them, and suggestions for more progressive exercises once you feel more confident. 

These aren't fat-burning aerobics workouts full of intensive exercises. So if you are already pretty active and prefer a more strenuous workout, then this programme probably isn't what you are looking for. 

If you have had the programme recommended,  read the reviews or have already decided you want to give it a go you can buy now.  

Or read on to find out more.
Terrified Of Tech?
If you’re not tech-minded, don’t panic!

I designed my programme with older people in mind. And while I appreciate some of you are digital geniuses, others may not have embraced technology quite as much.

So I’ve made it as simple as possible to access my lessons. No fancy software required or apps that need installing.

As long as you have email, internet and a mobile, laptop, tablet or PC, then you can access my lessons.

“In general, it was easy to follow and execute; the instructions were clear.” - Christine

Once you’ve signed-up you can access the videos straight away  you’ll also receive the details via email. 

Then you login and  click the lesson you want and press play.

If you need help I'm here 7 days a week and I don't mind being disturbed.

If you just want the videos in a list so you don't have to login to something online then I can easily provide that.

What’s the catch?
£39.99 for lifetime access and personal support? What’s the catch?
I promise you there isn’t one. 

I can’t promise it will be as good as working with me face to face, but I’ve made it as close to the real thing as I possibly can.

And remember, if you change your mind because it’s not what you expected, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchase. They are issued that day.

““Thank you for the lessons. I didn’t know what to expect and I was surprised with what can be done with a towel, tins and a chair.” – Susan Kaplin

Are you ready to get started?
The only way to find out for sure whether I’m as good as my word is to sign up.

I can’t promise you will like me or my videos, but I can promise that you’ll get everything I’ve mentioned with no hidden costs or pushy spammy sales emails.

If that sounds like a fair deal to you, sign up here and start increasing your mobility.

Still not sure? Please read on to find out more
Who am I?
My name is Dr Sara Pugh, and I live in Leeds. I have a degree in Biochemistry and Genetics, plus a PhD in Molecular Mechanisms.

I'm also a certified  Pilates instructor and Yoga teacher and have been delivering classes for over 12 years. I'm trained in functional neurology, which in simple terms means practical exercises for the brain and nervous system. 

My aim is:

To provide a safe online learning environment for improving health, with a human touch.

My principles are:

Customers come first
Be truthful, kind and honest
Life begins at 40. 70 is the new 50
Older people must not be invisible
Help others be independent and achieve goals
Use scientific approaches
Constantly make improvements

I look after my own physical and spiritual health.

This means I am always ready to be able to help you and pleased to hear from you. 
What has this got to do with you?
 Then lockdown came.

I quickly realised there was a real lack of online programmes for those who didn't want to come to a class, or go to a gym, or do strenuous aerobic workouts, or exercise on the floor.

So I decided I would do something about it – that's when the idea for my Floor-less Online Pilates Programme was born. 

You also get to pick my brain in the webinars, in your zoom session and by email.  That's over 20 yrs of biological science and over 12yrs of Pilates and rehabilitation. 

Some customers just like a good chat, particularly in lockdown.  I always assume that the person in front of me knows something I don't. I was taught 'respect your elders', mothers and grandmothers have wise words of wisdom. 

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