Enhance Mobility With Floor-less Pilates!
 Discover How To Improve Flexibility, Mobility, Posture & Balance With This New Specialist-Developed Programme
  Ideal for those who want to gain mobility, enhance core stability and develop better balance while reducing stiffness and discomfort

To find out more please watch the video below or carry on reading

Introducing the Programme - £39.99 

Eighteen Floor-less Online  Videos 

Get 18 x 25-40 min videos specially designed for those who want to exercise seated or standing.  
 4 x bonus 55min Neuro Pilates and gentle classes.
Lessons 1–3. All you need is a chair and a wall!
Lesson 1 – orientation and introduction.
Lessons 2 and 3 – a mix of flexibility, mobility, strength and balance exercises.

Lessons 4–6 Discover how a towel, weights or tins and a ball can make exercises more interesting and effective. 
Lesson 7  Flexibility and stretching
Lesson 8  Strength and toning.
You will need a stretchy band or scarf for some of the exercises.
Lessons 9 & 10. 40 min videos. More progressive exercises that include strength, mobility, coordination, balance and some cardio to keep you entertained and moving forwards.
Special Themed Lessons 
Lesson 11 'Improve Your Breathing & Pelvic Floor'.  
Lesson 12 'Face & Foot exercises'
Lesson 13 'Gentle Joint Mobility' - Arthritis Friendly 
Lesson 14 'Gentle Sensory Session' 
Great for post surgery, stroke, pain, numb feet/hands and preventing age related sensation loss

See video for sample of cardio in this program Lesson 15 'Invigorating Indoor Exercise' 
Just cardio and stretching (seated and standing versions).  
Lesson 16 'Balance Focus' a video on different ways to train the brain and work on balance
Lesson 17 'Intermediate Seated Only'  Enjoying the seated work and want a bit more?
Lesson 18 'Seated & Standing With a Stretchy Band' All levels. 

See video for sample of 
Lesson 18 'Seated & Standing With a Stretchy Band' All levels.

Help is just an email, Zoom or Whats app away 

If you need a more personal touch, have a specific query  then reach out to me for extra help as many times as you want

Optional FREE  private  Zoom session to help get you started, for specific issues or simply to meet each other and have a chat.


I really enjoyed lesson 3. I felt like I had a really good stretch. In fact, I am still sitting tall now as I type. I wonder if I should remember this at work to avoid coming home with a sore lower back.

I felt relaxed as I knew I would not be clambering up and down on the floor.

Diana Thompson

Thank you so much Sara - that is the most exercise I’ve had for years and I now have good intentions of having a daily ‘workout’ 

I really appreciate the trouble you have gone to to help those of us who are not up to doing normal exercises

Sarah Miller

Sara never stands still with her learning. She has helped my rehab  following 3 hip operations and my recovery has improved each time


If you have  decided you the program is for you, read the reviews or been recommended you can purchase today. Or you can read on if you need some more time to decide.  

Men are of course welcome to do the program too. With the level of personal support I give I was not sure how a wife would feel about me doing private Zooms her husband emailing on a regular basis.

For a limited time you can get LIFETIME ACCESS to the Floorless Online Pilates programme for just...


My Satisfaction Guarantee

I designed my programs to help you get in touch with your body and gain greater range of motion and flexibility. If for some reason (or any reason) you feel this isn’t for you, simply request a refund within 14 Days by contacting me. 
My name is Dr Sara Pugh, I'm from Wales and I live in Leeds.

I have a degree in Biochemistry and Genetics, a PhD in Molecular Mechanisms. 

I'm also a Certified Pilates Instructor, Yoga Teacher and functional neurology trained with over 12 years and 12,000+ classes under my belt.

When I worked as a scientist I was stiff, uncomfortable and unhappy.
I want to help others move better and feel better.
I am very patient, love meeting new people. 
Enough about me.. 

But how does all this help you?

Although some people like face to face classes, many prefer exercising at home in their own time.

But not everyone has the space to exercise on the floor, and some people just don't want to. 

I am very aware that age is just a number and there is a huge variation in levels of fitness and how many injuries have been collected over the years.

 Anybody can exercise at home and reap the benefits if they have the right programme 

Ask yourself: 

What if you could wake up each day with more ease of movement?

What if you could do what you enjoy without worrying about pain, stiffness and discomfort?

What if you could feel looser in your neck and shoulders - so you didn't need to rub them so often to get relief?

… … now imagine if you could restore your flexibility in a way that was FUN and EASY TO FOLLOW.
Here’s the good news: 

You can!
ALMOST ANYONE can regain more movement and flexibility. 
Including those over 60,70,80 or beyond! 

And it doesn't need to involve special equipment or take up lots of time.
There are hundreds of exercises that can be done using a chair, the floor, the wall and other household objects.

Could a rejuvenating home workout be possible without getting down on the floor?

The benefits of chair-based exercises are often overlooked because people think they will be too easy or really boring without even trying it. 

But my lesson testers reported the opposite.

And when creating my seated and standing exercise lessons, I even surprised myself at what could be achieved with 30 minutes of simple exercise.

In fact, I often follow my own lessons to reduce stiffness after a long stint at the computer – it's just so much easier than getting a mat out and exercising on the floor.

  • They are brilliant for improving balance 
  • They are an excellent way to get back to being active 
  • All types of movement and learning new exercises stimulate the brain and help with mood
  • Movements like twisting, side bending and moving the middle about helps digestion and can help if you 'get a bit blocked up'. 

How You Can Benefit

You don't have to rely on trial and error to work out how to stretch and strengthen safely.

Nor do you need to spend ages hunting online for standing or seated exercises to try at home.

You can benefit from a custom-made programme that is delivered as if you were working with me in person…

… one that can be done in the SAFETY and PRIVACY of your home!

Without the expense of hiring me to help you

Now Moving Well Can Be As Easy As
Clicking the ‘PLAY’ Button...

Once you sign up, you’ll get a login to your Exclusive Member Portal where all the videos are neatly stored for easy access. 

You can switch closed captions or subtitles on if you have any hearing issues

I have done my best to make the exercises as easy to access as possible. If you are not tech savvy, don't worry!  I have that covered and the videos can be delivered straight to your email as a list.
All you have to do is 

... get comfortable in your living room, garage, or wherever you’re comfortable exercising…

... grab the “household items” I suggest for that video...

turn on music if that interests you…

And press PLAY.

From there my instructions will guide you.  

And if you experience pain or feel stuck along the way? No problem!

I offer tips for modifying the exercises to your unique situation as well as numerous ways to get in touch with me if you have questions. (Yes, really!)

Floor-Less Online Pilates is for you if..

  • You want a safe, effective and varied seated/standing exercise program 
  • You want a less stiffness in your shoulders,hips, back & neck
  • You’re hesitant about going back to the gym due to health concerns, injuries or worry
  • You want to improve your posture and strengthen your core
  • You'd like to improve your balance and coordination 
  • You'd like an introduction to nervous system and brain based exercises 
  • You'd like to improve your breathing
  • You'd like to have access to somebody who can guide, support and motivate you when you need it
  • You'd like a program where your feedback is used to make the program better for you and other women in the same situation

For a limited time you can get LIFETIME ACCESS to the Floorless Online Pilates programme for just...


More great feedback from women who are already benefiting from Floor-less Online Pilates

Karuna Panessar

Thanks for very good sitting-standing Pilates lesson. I had very tight shoulders because of being locked up for 4 months. Bless you

Margaret Linton

Hi Sara, Firstly, I would like to thank you for developing the Busy Super Human Floor-less programme, it is the best thing to come out of lockdown.

Now Its Over To You:

You could leave this page… and HOPE that you can find a way to avoid LOSING the strength and mobility you have while things are in a state of flux. But it's likely you'll feel just as stiff, if not stiffer, a month from now. 
OR you can take advantage of this risk-free opportunity to join Floor-less Online Pilates RIGHT NOW. Over 3500 women have already joined… and I’ve taught almost 11,000 sessions over the course of the past 12 years. You’ll be backed by my 14-day guarantee, too… so if at any time you feel like it’s not for you, you can let me know. 
The choice is yours…
When you’re feeling even “maybe” about this offer, go ahead and join. You’re covered by my 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee so you have NOTHING to lose and FLEXIBILITY, STRENGTH, and MOBILITY to gain! 
YES! Give Me Floor-less Online Pilates today!

About Sara Pugh

 I am the founder and creator of the busysuperhuman.com which is all about improving well-being based on my knowledge as a scientist and movement teacher. Its been going over 4 yrs. It's a slightly odd name for a brand, but I'm stuck with it now as I have over 22,000 followers on the internet. 

I started my career as a hardcore research scientist with a degree in Biochemistry and Genetics from the University of Leeds in the UK. I also have a doctorate in Molecular Mechanisms and I did research on Alzheimer's and the effect of statins and cholesterol on heart cells. I've played a variety of sports at a high level from a young age. 

That all ended when I couldn't stand the back ache, shoulder pain and stiffness that lab work gave me. That was how I discovered Pilates over 14yrs ago and I know what it feels like when aches and pains spoil daily life. 

I've had extensive training in movement,bio-mechanics, rehabilitation, massage, myofascial release, functional neurology and hypnosis from highly regarded coaches and trainers from over the globe.

I now share the advice, methods, and skills I have acquired on my mission to beat my own back ache. I did 'win' against my pain and stiffness, then took up gymnastics in my 40's, something I didn't think  was possible.   

I am passionate about all types of self development; brain, body, biology, mind and spirit and keen to share with you. 
 I put all I know into every programme I build so you get real results efficiently and safely. 
Join Other Women Already Gaining Flexibility And Better Movement


I’ve tried other exercise programmes… how will I know this will work for me and my health situation?
The only way you can really find out is by asking your doctor. However, I can tell you that these workouts were designed for, and tested by, women with all kinds of health issues, and many saw results.

Plus, the exercises have been checked by an osteopath and physiotherapist and are backed by my 14-day money-back guarantee. And you can message me any time if you have questions about modifications.

What kind of technology do I need to do this?
The programme is delivered online via a member portal, so as long as you have internet and a phone, tablet, or computer, you should be able to access the videos.

If you aren't tech-savvy, don't panic – I can deliver the videos in a list via email, so all you need to do is click the one you want and press play. 

What happens if I buy this and go on holiday or have a mad 2 weeks and want a refund?
Life happens and I will give you your money back– but I recommend you try at least one or two lesson first to be sure it's not for you. 

What kind of equipment will I need? 
All you need is what you either have around your house or can easily get - a towel, a tennis ball, and so forth. 
I have balance issues. Can I still join the program?
YES! Many women I work with experience some form of balance worry or issue. I’ve designed the exercises to help with that. 
Can I get help if I get “stuck” at any point?
YES! You can message me directly as soon as you sign up. So if you have any questions, go ahead and write them down ready for your optional private Zoom session. And if you need help as you go, just message me via email or on WhatsApp.
Can men do the program?
YES! It's perfect for men too, particularly for those struggling with stiffness and getting on the floor.
I'm already quite physically fit – will I benefit from the programme?
That depends. The exercises have been designed for those who struggle with stiffness and mobility issues, so if you regularly run marathons, you might find them a little easy. 

That said, if you want to learn more about stretching and strengthening through standing and seated exercises, you might pick up some new techniques.

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