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Discover How Men, Women & Families Are Using Quantum Biology & Physics To Fix 

Hormone Imbalances
 Bad Sleep
Mental Health & Pain

You want simple ways to  tackle your health issues 
 WITHOUT buying lots of expensive pills or equipment   OR doing something un-safe, un-scientific or un-tested.. 

You may have tried different ways of eating BUT haven't got the results you want yet

You might have tried medication and supplements BUT don't want to just use pills 

You might have tried massage, yoga,  Pilates or therapy BUT want something you can do at home anytime 

This Is For You If  

  • ​You are stressed 
  • ​You struggle with your weight, mental health, sleep or energy levels and have ‘got stuck’ 
  • ​You have heard people talking like Dr Andrew Huberman talking about light, circadian rhythms, infra red light, neuroscience but you don't know how to apply it in your daily life
  • ​You keep hitting a wall with your health or fitness journey eg injuries or infections
  • You are right-brained Or left-brained.. spiritual Or scientific (Or Both!)
  • ​You are a health professional looking for extra practical solutions to offer your  patients
  • ​You are insulin resistant, pre diabetic or diabetic
  • You want to learn more about hormones like  thyroid, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone
  • ​You are want extra tools to prevent cancer that are not food or supplement related 
  • ​You are pregnant or just had a baby and want something safe to help you back on track  
  • ​You are interested in longevity or anti ageing 
  • ​You are a health geek or a nerd and just love learning and doing new things

This Is NOT For You If  

  • ​You want a big bag of expensive supplements ​
  • ​You want 'one size fits' all meal plans 

What Will I Learn On The Course To Improve My Health?

  • ​Why looking at the body through a quantum physics  lens as well as a biology lens offers new solutions to old problems
  • ​The science on how light, sound, temperature, meal timings & circadian rhythm control your metabolism, blood sugar, sleep & mental health
  • ​Sleep & stress hormones 101 - Actionable steps for better sleep & less anxiety
  • ​Why the wrong sort of light is a class 2 carcinogen according to the WHO
  • Metabolism & weight hormones 101 - How your environment affects your weight & what to do
  • ​Power up your cells & reduce inflammation  How to keep you mitochondria AKA 'Your Cellular Batteries' healthy
  • ​Free energy, less pain/trauma and better mobility understanding & making structured water & EZ water 
  • ​​The skinny & the science on grounding ..Much more than just standing barefoot on the grass!
  • How to use quantum biology  to  manage your blood sugar or reduce your appetite to make healthy eating effortless
  • Why  leptin resistance is the number 1# reason for stubborn weight problems?  How to know if you are leptin resistant and how to re-set your leptin
  • Redox Before You Detox? Why you must do this before detoxing  mercury & other toxins like Tony Robbins did ​ 
  • ​How to protect yourself from electro-polluting but still being able to enjoy your tech
Safe & Friendly Learning Environment With An Immediate   'Action Plan' 

What You Get 

Instant Access To The Full 2.5 hr Course In a private members area 

Invitation To My New  Private Facebook Group  To Ask Questions 

Optional  15 min Private Zoom Consultation With Me For  Personal Help (This is NOT a sales pitch) 
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Money-back guarantee
If you apply what I teach you, apply any feedback I give you feedback and you don't believe you've become any better or learned anything useful I'll refund you right away - no questions asked.

About Dr Sara Pugh

My name is Dr Sara Pugh and I am the founder and creator of the I started my career as a hardcore research scientist with a degree in Biochemistry and Genetics from the University of Leeds in the UK. I also have a doctorate in molecular mechanisms and bio-physics  and I did research on Alzheimer's and the effect of statins and cholesterol on heart cells. I have also studied dopamine receptors (addiction) and pain receptors 

That all ended when I couldn't stand the back ache, shoulder pain and stiffness that lab work gave me along with mental health struggles. 

I've had extensive training in quantum biology, ketogenic nutrition,  movement, bio-mechanics, rehabilitation, massage, myofascial release, functional neurology and hypnosis from highly regarded coaches and trainers from over the globe.

I have taught movement and rehabilitation for 13yrs  and functional neurology for 10yrs. I am beginning my studies in bio-geometry and sacred geometry so I can apply this to my movement and pain practice. 

 I have been a hypnotist for 10 yrs and I use hypnosis in conjunction with quantum ketogenic diets and quantum biology to help people make powerful positive changes and over come past traumas. 

I now share the advice, methods, and skills I have acquired on my mission to beat my own back ache and mental health struggles. I did 'win' against my mental and physical  pain and took up gymnastics in my 40's, something I didn't think  was possible.   

I am passionate about all types of self development; brain, body, biology, mind and spirit and keen to share with you. 

Contact me:
 I put all I know into every workshop I build so you get real results efficiently and safely. 
 I put all I know into every workshop I build so you get real results efficiently and safely. 
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